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Hey there! I'm Kim Gordon - Nonnie to my grandkids - and this is the story of how I accidentally became a cookier.

I was the principal of an elementary school, looking to gift my staff something truly special for Christmas. I hatched a plan: homemade decorated sugar cookies. Now, let me be clear—I was no baker, nor was I a seasoned decorator. My knowledge of royal icing was a dangerous blend of half-truths and guesswork. But hey, how hard could it be? (IYKYK!)

Armed with my mom's 20-year-old Kitchen Aid and a recipe I found on YouTube, I phoned a friend and we set off on this cookie adventure. Our goal? A mere twelve dozen cookies. The challenge? Neither one of us had a clue about how long royal icing takes to dry. Cue the suspenseful music! (Spoiler alert: 24 hours!)

As the decorating frenzy unfolded, my once-tidy kitchen and dining room morphed into a sugar-coated wonderland of organized chaos. Cookies claimed every available horizontal surface, and I even recruited card tables, TV trays, and my stovetop as makeshift cookie stations. It was a scene straight out of an "I Love Lucy" episode—complete with powdered sugar explosions, icing mishaps, and perhaps a few cookie-shaped casualties along the way.

Despite the chaos and cookie calamities, this comedy of errors led my full-time passion for edible artistry! So, dear friends, always remember that behind every hilarious disaster lies a hidden masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Embrace the chaos, seize the opportunity, and let serendipitous adventures lead you down paths you never knew existed.

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portrait cookies
portrait cookies

I strive to elevate life's most cherished occasions with each cookie I make. My gratification comes from the joy and delight of my clients! Through my attention to detail and commitment to quality, I aim to craft sweet memories, one cookie at a time.

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OMGOODNESS they were FANTASTIC! Everyone commented they looked & tasted wonderful!! Thank you SO much!! Definitely met & exceeded my expectations. 🤗😘



Kim!! Oh my goodness! They are gorgeous & the packaging is precious! All perfection! Thanks again! 🥰

The cookies were gorgeous and everyone was amazed! The bride could not have been happier with them. Then to top it off, they were delicious!!😍 No one was expecting that😂 You have a wonderful recipe and your artistic talent made them into the perfect dessert for the wedding shower. Thank you so much friend! I really appreciate it😊

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