Cookie Pricing: It's about time!


Cookie pricing is an art rather than an exact science. Just as diamonds are assessed based on cut, clarity, and color, the price of cookies is determined by color, design, and intricacy.

These three elements play a significant role in the time required to craft a set of cookies. Achieving colors that closely match your inspiration photos demands conscientious effort, which translates into additional time investment. The more colors involved, the more time it takes.

The level of detail also greatly influences the final cost. Take, for instance, these bride and groom cookies—although they feature only two colors (white excluded), the intricate dress detailing requires considerable time and technique.

bride and groom cookies; wedding cookies; wedding shower cookies
bride and groom cookies; wedding cookies; wedding shower cookies

Tier 1 - $35/dozen

  • 1-2 colors + white

  • 1-2 designs

  • Simple details

lavender flower cookies
lavender flower cookies

Tier 2 - $45/dozen

  • Up to 4 colors + white

  • Up to 4 designs

  • Metallics, lettering, florals

Tier 3 - $65/dozen

  • Up to 6 colors + white

  • Up to 6 designs

  • Elaborate sets with metallics, lettering, florals, some hand painting, hand drawing

Harry Potter cookies; Ravenclaw cookies
Harry Potter cookies; Ravenclaw cookies

Printed Cookies - $35/dozen

  • Round 3" cookies

  • Endless design options

  • Perfect for corporate events, marketing campaigns, or client gifts

Add-Ons - $15/dozen

  • 3 inch "blanks"

  • Color coordinated with your custom set

  • As many colors as your custom set

  • 2 dozen minimum as a stand-alone order

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